ARG  provide expert geoscience advice on exploration and development projects with additional emphasis on identifying new venture opportunities and geological problem solving.



35 years E & P experience in over 100 countries across most geological settings and  ages. Involved in the discovery/development of several giant oil fields in Brazilian presalt carbonates (Santos Basin); Palaeozoic carbonates in Kazakhstan (Caspian); large gas fields in thrusted and fractured Devonian sandstones in Bolivia; Oligo-Miocene fluvial-shallow marine sediments in Thailand; Pleistocene turbidites in Trinidad and Eocene carbonates in Tunisia (Hasdrubal). More recent projects in Cuba, Brazil, Guyana, Senegal, Gambia, Sierra Leone, central Africa, Myanmar, India and Australia and Helium exploration in East Africa. Numerous licence round, farm-in and company evaluations. Key skills include frontier basin evaluation, creation of new play concepts, carbonate geology, field work and stratigraphy. Have also organised and run training courses and have published 85 papers.

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Stratigraphic Experience

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