73+ technical publications on various aspects of petroleum geology, regional geology, stratigraphy and petroleum geochemistry including the Middle East (10), Southeast Asia (31), South America (7), North Africa (5) and UK (8). 

Running workshops for partners and government organisations. Teaching courses in petroleum geology, sedimentology and stratigraphy and organising and leading field trips/training courses/workshops for both technical and non-technical staff. Supervision of PhD and MSc students and mentoring.


Photo: Palaeogene lavas, Faroe Islands.

Current Research Interests

Petroleum geology of Myanmar (in press (October 2015) Memoir 45 Geological Society of London); extrusive volcanic rocks as reservoirs and their role in petroleum systems (paper in preparation for Journal Petroleum Geology); Cretaceous straigraphy and petroleum potential of NW India and the value of fieldwork in exploration (in review for geological Society London Special Publication); Porosity/permeability development in volcanic rocks; Global ultra deepwater petroleum potential; Oligo-Miocene carbonate microfacies from Iran: Eocene palynomorphs and sequence stratigraphy of the Rusayl Shale, Oman; Miocene carbonate microfacies and larger foraminiferal biostratigraphy from Suwedi Island (Gulf of Oman); Devonian palynology/stratigraphy Uruguay/Bolivia; Mesozoic red beds of SE Asia with special reference to the Khorat Group of Thailand.

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